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Chris Ecob - ISO 16890 DE

EVOLUTIONÄRES DESIGN FÜR OPTIMIERTE LEISTUNG Das ist der Hi-Flo II. Ein neues Luftfilter, das dafür sorgt, dass die Luft in Innenräumen sauber bleibt und Sie dabei unterstützt, Energie zu sparen. Wir sehen den Hi-Flo II als das Ergebnis eines Evolutionsprozesses. Der nächste Schritt in die Zukunft des Luftfilter-Designs. In der Produktentwicklung von Camfil haben wir eines unserer beliebtesten Luftfilter, den Hi-Flo, neu überdacht, gestaltet und verfeinert. Mit einer neuen aerodynamischen Form ist der Hi-Flo II besser als je zuvor. Ein neues Taschen- Design. Optimierte Durchströmung. Reduzierter Energieverbrauch. Qualitativ hochwertigste Vernähung. Ein Filter, mit dem sich leichter arbeiten lässt als je zuvor. Maßgeschneidert für Ihre Bedürfnisse. http://www.Camfil.de/tailor-made
Camfil 5-Star air filters can save your company up to 30% of your total HVAC energy spend and last twice as long as traditional air filters. Also your company will benefit from significantly reduced installation labor costs and waste disposal costs.
We believe in sustainability. Our efforts in this area confirm what we have been doing for almost half a century: greening the operations of our customers by providing air filtration products with the lowest energy consumption and life cycle costs while improving the environment, human health and productivity. We are proud that no other air filtration manufacturer has yet to achieve a track record like ours in sustainability.
Efficient filtration solutions exist to clean air and protect people but few are aware of the benefits of clean air for productivity or controlling costs. Protecting people from the health impact of air pollution costs money, but it is also a long-term investment that can reduce the cost of higher sick leave rates at workplaces and associated medical expenses, for example. Large-scale scientific surveys conducted in Scandinavia have also proven that the learning performance of school children improved by 15 percent, thanks to improved ventilation. At Camfil Farr we believe there is a need to increase general awareness of air pollution and to put Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on the political agenda. IAQ should be a public health concern. We need to pay attention to the importance of healthy IAQ.

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